Why is the ministry called Beehive? Is it affiliated with the Mormons?
No. The ministry is called Beehive for several reasons: First, on a practical and symbolic level, we seek to inspire members of the church and the church itself to function like bees working for the hive. Second, the name was derived from a dream recorded in the book Welfare Ministry, p. 112.2, in which Ellen White saw the busy activity of the Remnant church in San Francisco and Oakland. The dream was fulfilled in the early 1900s. Ellen White went to the Bay area and saw many “lines of effort” where the church was functioning beyond the walls of the church. It had begun to integrate evangelism into the fabric of the city with restaurants, reading rooms, treatment facilities, and many other health-related efforts. The church had truly become a “Beehive”. It is from this that we base our name.
What are some of the goals of the Beehive?
What is the association of CHAT to Beehive?
Why is the training called CHAT?
Is CHAT the same as medical missionary work?
Does CHAT also teach the physical health modalities typically involved in medical missionary work, like hydrotherapy?
What if I’ve already trained as a medical missionary somewhere else or am a medical professional? Can I benefit from this CHAT training?
What if I’m already doing health lectures and seminars? Will taking this course help me to improve on what I’m doing?
Does CHAT offer certification for the training?
What does the certificate allow me to do?
Is this certification recognized by the state or the professional medical establishment.
As a healthcare professional, can I receive CEUs for this training or reimbursement for it?
What should I do if I have technical difficulties?
What Should I do if I am unable to log in to my account?


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