Our Mission

CHAT YOUniversity is an online school dedicated to equip you with the confidence and tools to become an advocate for the health of your community, school, or place of work. We specialize in training you to reach anyone, from atheist to Adventist and anyone in between, with a practical demonstration of the matchless love of Christ.

Our Featured Courses

CHAT – Community Health Advocate Training

CHAT – Community Health Advocate Training is an online training designed to educate, equip and engage Seventh-day Adventists with the high calling of using health to bless the world with the desire to lead people to Jesus and His Church. Our online

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This course will give students a working knowledge of hydrotherapy. They will learn benefits and contraindications, as well as how to perform various hydrotherapy techniques and how they work on the body. This course gives a complete overview of hydr

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    • Intro to CHATology
    • CHATting with Biblical Mental Health
    • CHAT in the Workplace
    • CHAT Advanced
    • CHAT Executive
    • CHATting with Emotional Intelligence
    • CHATting with Heart Health
    • CHATting with the Science of Cooking
    • CHATting through Family Ministry


Latest Blogs


Attending Sunday church services and prayer meetings? Joining Christian youth groups in public high schools? Digging up empty lots to plant organic community gardens? Could all this really be part of Adventist medical missionary work? According to Ri

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Black Raspberries and Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis is a chronic disease affecting the large intestine. The lining becomes inflamed and develops tiny open sores (ulcers) that contain mucous and pus. Ulcerative colitis (inflammatory bowel disease) sufferers can experience loss of app

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Breath Control and Blood Pressure

How often do you forget to breathe? Though it is hard to imagine, we often forget to breathe, especially during exercise or stressful moments. We all know that deep, cleansing breaths go far in calming and relaxing us, yet we do it so infrequently. A

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